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Hack & Slash UNDECEMBER New Act 13 ‘Hira’ Pre-registration!



July 28, 2023 – LINE Games is holding a pre-registration event for users prior to the release of the new Act 13 ‘Hira’ update for the hack & slash Action RPG, ‘UNDECEMBER’. Act 13 is scheduled to be released in August along with the opening of Season 2.


Users can pre-register for Act 13 ‘Hira’ through the exclusive pre-registration website, where they will also find a promotional video that gives a glimpse into the Act’s new bosses and other various content. Users who pre-register will receive items that can be used after Act 13 ‘Hira’ has been updated.


In addition, a ‘Hardcore mode’ and ‘Origin mode’ will be added to UNDECEMBER from Season 2. This will allow users to follow their gameplay preferences, and challenge themselves with more difficult conditions or simply enjoy the fun of fighting enemies and farming in a more casual manner.


Act 13 ‘Hira’ Pre-registration

- Story: As Rune Hunters search for the Zodiac Master, they will arrive at the tourist nation of ‘Hira’ and experience the story that unfolds there.

- Schedule: After pre-registration, the new Act will be released along with the Season 2 update that is scheduled for the end of August.

- How to pre-register: Visit the pre-registration website below.

 ㄴPre-registration Website:

- Pre-registration Rewards: Users will receive ‘Zodiac Walker (7 Days)’ and the new Pet, ‘Rune Gauntlet’, if they pre-register. Both items will be sent to users’ in-game mailboxes, and can be used after the Act 13 ‘Hira’ update.



- Schedule: Season 2 is scheduled to open at the end of August along with the new Act 13 ‘Hira’.

- New Modes: The ‘Hardcore mode’ and ‘Origin mode’ difficulty levels will be added. ‘Hardcore mode’ is for users who wish to enjoy the game at a very difficult level. Gameplay becomes limited upon death, and users can experience extreme tension and thrill. With ‘Origin mode’, users can enjoy a more casual game. It has a simplified ‘Enchant’ feature and an enhanced focus on the fun of farming.

- Rewards: Users can receive various rewards for their gameplay in ‘Hardcore mode’ and ‘Origin mode’.


■ UNDECEMBER Act 13 ‘Hira’ Promotional VIDEO


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