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Hack & Slash UNDECEMBER Renewed ‘Crusade of Glory’ Update!


July 07, 2023 – LINE Games have implemented a new content update for the hack & slash Action RPG, ‘UNDECEMBER’, developed by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games, and introduced a renewed version of the in-game PvP content, ‘Crusade of Glory’. They also opened ‘Traum Summer Festival’ events to celebrate the summer season.


The renewed ‘Crusade of Glory’ focuses on emphasizing the importance of strategy and team play. Users can now enjoy the new ‘Crusade of Glory’, which has changed from the previous ‘free-for-all death match’ form to a ‘4v4 team match’ form.


‘Crusade of Glory’ Major Changes

- Form: Changed from a ‘free-for-all death match’ form to a ‘4v4 team battle’ form

- Users can obtain points by activating objects which spawn in specific areas or by fighting the opposing team

- Character Effects: Changes have been made so that the effects of existing characters’ gear/skills/Zodiacs/stats are not used. Instead, only presets exclusive to Crusade of Glory can be used.

- Regardless of whether users play in Season or Standard Mode, anyone who has cleared Act 2 can play ‘Crusade of Glory’.


Simultaneously Enjoy the Fun of Battle and Strategy through the ‘Battle Area’ and ‘Event Area’

- Battle Area: Objects that give points are randomly created within the battle area, and it will be important for teams to fight with everything they have in the concentrated battle areas, which change at regular intervals.

(Tip: Once a concentrated battle area has been activated, users should focus on fighting within the limited space, as moving to another area will cause critical, continuous damage.)

- Event Area: Sanctums will appear in the event area, and both advantageous events, such as buff objects appearing, and disadvantageous events, such as monsters appearing, will also be randomly generated.

(Tip: As the event area causes variables that affect play, strategic play within teams that use these variables effectively will be important.)


‘Crusade of Glory’ Rewards

- Types of Rewards: Daily Participation Rewards, Daily Victory Rewards, and Weekly Ranking Rewards

- Key Rewards: Gemstone of Courage, Gemstone of Merit, Gold, Crusade of Glory Titles


Event Details

1) Traum Summer Festival

ㄴPeriod: Held until July 27, for around 3 weeks

ㄴDetails: Participate in the ‘Dice Event’, where various rewards can be obtained each time a Dice is rolled, and a ‘Traum Summer Festival Swimsuit Costume’ coupon will be given once a certain number of rolls are reached

ㄴAdditional Event Rewards: [Exclusive] Skill Rune Engraving Stones, [Exclusive] Link Rune Engraving Stones, [Exclusive] Traum’s Crystals, [Exclusive] Gear Guaranteed Transfer Stones

ㄴHow to Obtain Dice: Log in and play (defeat monsters)

2) Free Rune Transfer Event

ㄴPeriod: Held until July 27, for around 3 weeks


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