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Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Hack-and-Slash ARPG UNDECEMBER!


Seoul, South Korea – February 8, 2023 –LINE Games Corporation announced today its Hack-and-Slash Action RPGUNDECEMBERis celebrating St. Valentine’s Day for three weeks until March 1st.

2023 Happy Valentine’s Day Event

Until March 1st, Rune Hunters can collect Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes when hunting in the Act stages and Chaos Dungeons.

  1. Valentine’s Day Chocolate:Using a chocolate will increase the Gold drop rate by 50%and Rune growth items by 75% for 300 seconds. 
  2. Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes:Open the special boxes to obtain items of high value, including Legendary Upgrade Essence and three types of Star Memories (Weapon/Armor/Accessory).

Valentine’s Day Hot Time Event

Don’t miss the Valentine’s Day Hot Time Event! For three days a week until February 26th (Feb 10~12, Feb 17~19, Feb 24~26), Rune Hunters can level up faster with the 100% boost in Kill EXP and 25% boost in Chaos Statue EXP.

For more information on UNDECEMBER’s update, visitLINE Games FLOOR,Steam,Facebook,Discord, andofficial YouTube channel.